Thanks again for yesterday. You were fantastic. Your keynote speech was ‘spot on.’…..  inspiring, challenging and set up the rest of our two days of INSET really well.  Your session with the small group was great too.  You quickly tuned into and connected with the thoughts and ideas of the teachers in the group and gave us plenty to think about. THANK YOU.

Geoff Curwen, Watford Boys Grammar School


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful training today. The delegates absolutely loved it – we had loads of comments on evaluations remarking on your ‘inspiring sessions’ and noting key messages from your models, demonstrations and explanations that they have taken to their hearts. I’m thrilled because you showed people so easily what I have been awkwardly trying to express about immersing the children in learning about their topic or their quality literature and allowing the writing opportunities to grow from this. The subject leaders of Buckinghamshire really are a fabulous lot, I have to say I really enjoy working with them; you may be sure that your approaches will be adopted and tried and experimented with by many. 

Stephanie Hilder – Education Advisor – Buckinghamshire Learning Trust


Debra Kidd came to work with Island School teachers in early 2015. Her vision of what education is about was inspiring and enlightening. She hit the nail on the head in putting into concise words what we are all trying to achieve as we move towards a more skill based creative education that includes all children in the project. In the keynote Debra inspired with evidence based comments on what we were doing and where we are going as a school. It was impressive how quickly she understood our vision, and where we are on that path in such a short time. She was able to critique the areas where we need to work as well as highlighting the ones where we have made progress successfully. Working with groups, Debra inspired teachers to reflect on their practice and to give practical ideas that were taken away and have since been implemented successfully in classrooms. Debra is an ideal guest for a school that is trying to move forward with more creativity in the curriculum and more individuality in their vision. I would recommend her very strongly. We look forward to inviting her back.

Chris Binge, Principal, Island School, Hong Kong.


Thank you so much for the wonderful training that you delivered at Waterside on Monday. It was just what I wanted and more! The staff were really excited to be given so much ‘hands on’ experience to get up and running and it really does link in beautifully with how we intend to deliver the new curriculum.

Kephren Sherry, Deputy Headteacher, Waterside Primary School, Stoke on Trent.


I was a student of Debra Kidd’s at MMU. I can honestly say she is the most inspiring teacher I have ever met. I was just thinking the other day how packed her lessons were! No one wanted to miss them! Her lessons still inspire me today and I feel that the way Debra taught my friends and I have definitely shaped the teachers we have become today! We all have reputations for being creative and I truly believe that is due to the experiences we had with her.

Catherine Barlow, Primary school teacher.


Debra came into Kingstone School and revolutionised teaching. She gave us direction into using some amazing strategies which naturally engaged pupils in their learning. Her knowledge of how pupils think inspires others to want to teach in this way all the time. Debra made me rethink my teaching style and opened up a new world of exciting possibilities.

Sarah Rhodes, ITT and Staff Learning Co-ordinator, Horizon Academy (formerly Kingstone Community School), Barnsley.


I couldn’t recommend Debbie highly enough. She really delves into the heart of a school and has an enthusiastic passion for building a creative curriculum that works for each teacher or year group team. She leads by example and actively carries out ideas in the classroom to enthuse the children with a thirst for investigation! She knows how to ensure that children have fun while they are learning and my year 5 children enjoyed every time she came into our class. She has been a wonderfully supportive mentor and utterly committed to every project she undertook with me – a great motivational source of creativity to any school or teacher.

Emma Pearson, MFL Co-ordinator and Year 5 teacher, Crosland Moor Junior School.


I can’t thank you enough – you’ve no idea how much difference you have made to the confidence of the staff and to the quality of teaching I’m seeing. I had high hopes, but I hadn’t dared that you would have such an impact.

Headteacher, Girnhill Infant School, Wakefield


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