Teachers getting a little more than they’d expected on the first day back!

I am a teacher and this will always be my passion. Improving teaching and learning is not about striving for an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ grade – it is about building habits of mind in which learning becomes something to be loved for its own sake. I can tailor inset training and CPD to your school’s needs or you can choose from some of the courses I frequently offer:-

1. Triple A Learning – building a pedagogy with the three ‘A’s :-

* Autonomy

* Articulacy

* Activity

2. Teaching with deep moral purpose.

How do we get children to ask big questions? How do we ensure they leave school with more than just exam results – with empathy, curiosity and an awareness of their place in the world? We can explore how to place these at the heart of a curriculum, showing that rigour and creativity are not opposites but compatible bedfellows.

3. Mantle of the Expert.

Dorothy Heathcote’s Mantle of the Expert pedagogical model places children in the role of experts with a problem to solve. It heightens language, raises aspirations, fires up the imagination and improves vocabulary and confidence. For more information on Mantle of the Expert, visit

4. Concept and Inquiry led Learning

At the heart of the PYP and MYP programmes of the IB are concepts and inquiry. This inset explored how these elements of this hugely successful international curriculum can be embedded into any school and any subject. Getting children to think deeply about the world, about ethics and about conscience are key aspects of developing education systems with purpose, hope and future at their heart.

5. Never Ending Stories

Stories act as portals to worlds beyond our experience, broadening our horizons, increasing our general knowledge and developing empathy. In this set of workshops, we look at how books can be used to build philosophical thinking, bringing together the action of drama with the dialogic thinking.

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Full day Inset (whole school with fewer that 50 staff) £700

Full day Inset (whole school or consortia with more than 50 staff) £1000

Half day inset £600

Twilight inset £450 (only for schools within a 50 mile radius of Manchester)

Conference presentations – key note £500

Conference full day with key note and workshops £700 – £1000 dependent on numbers.

Consultancy days in school/organisations £500 per day – reductions for multiple days.

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