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Me and Mick

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”

John Dewey

What is it to be an educated person? Is a collection of certificates enough? Or does an educated person exhibit wisdom, have the capacity to cope with the unexpected and know how to build and sustain effective relationships that will make them and others happy? Qualifications on their own won’t make the world a better place. But a child who loves learning, who continues learning right through the rest of their life is a child with the capacity to make a difference.

A love of learning happens now. In this moment in this classroom. As teachers we are pedagogical activists shaping change in every minute we spend with children. It is my belief that we have a duty to children to show them the power of ‘now’ – the idea that what happens in the classroom now is what is important – we are not preparing children for a future, we are building hope in the present. And to do so we need to make it matter in every moment.

So my work is about making things matter. Making knowledge relevant and engaging and powerful. And it is about making the world exciting and brimful of possibility. We sell the future to our children as something to be feared every day. But we should be offering hope. So that’s what I am – a travelling pedlar of hope and promise.


Love Learning