About Me

I trained as an English and Drama teacher, and over the past 25 years have worked with every age group from nursery through to Post Graduate. I have both a Masters and Doctorate in Education and I love teaching – whether teaching teachers about teaching or teaching children about the world. I organise Northern Rocks – a teaching and learning conference designed to put pedagogy back into the hands of the people who know best – the teachers!

Whether I’m teaching with other’s watching, giving key note speeches at conferences, or writing books, my mantra is “Make it Matter!” – imbuing what we do with a sense of purpose and meaning sits at the heart of my approach to learning.



Not a single piece of knowledge that mankind has ever aqcuired came without a desire to know the answer to a question. We have to give children the impetus to want to know, to understand the imperative that drove the discovery – the story behind the glory.


I write a regular column for TEACHER PRIMARY and have contributed to the Time TES and Teach Secondary. I am also the author of Teaching: Notes from the Frontline and Becoming Mobius and have co-written a third book with Hywel Roberts called “Uncharted Territories: Adventures in Learning.” Along with chapters in seven other books, this work is designed to get teachers thinking deeply about their practice and understand that education, while complex, need not be complicated!

I am honoured to be a staff member for the International Schools’ Theatre Association and an Independent Thinking Associate.